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Chapter Hotels


The Montpellier Chapter Hotel is a new luxury boutique hotel from Swire Properties.


Chapter Hotels music system


– Design and specify high-end sound-system.

– Commission and schedule system installation as part of complicated hotel build process.

– Compile music libraries for public areas, bars, restaurant and spa treatment rooms.

– Compile music playlist for in-room i-pods.

– Tie in digital music activities via website and Ping accounts.

Hotel music systems: what we did

Music Concrete was commissioned to design and install a high end hotel music system prior while the hotel was still on the drawing board. We worked with the architects to ensure a system that looked as good as it sounded. Following this, bespoke music libraries where assembled and programmed for public areas, restaurants, bars and the spa. i-Pods for all the guest bedrooms where programmed with music that reflected the different aspects of the hotel music. Finally, a hotel specific Ping account was activated allowing regularly updated music to be linked to the hotel website. All works where carried out and completed on time and on budget.

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